Saturday, June 27, 2009

Analysis skills for market !!!!!!!!!

Well to analyse the market i will be fool if i will write here right? As so many sites are there who used to give the smart investment tips (may be sometimes this is free or somewhere you have to pay for the same).

But yes am sure you will like the following analysis skills ,as i only studied by myself and i started analyzing.So may be i know for a beginner what all things are needed to do the same ,or may be i know how to analyze market easily ,as just before 6 months i was not knowing what sensex, yes very funny , but its true..

For a beginner some tips i would like to give ..
1- Read the business news as much as possible..well still i have one doubt if you read business news also you wont get much facts regarding market.
2- So for that you have to learn some basic business logic, like what all are driving factors for a market ,which all things pushes market up and which all things pulls market down. So that when you are going through any news you can correlate with market and can analyze.

Some important terms for market.
a) Sensex?? upon what it depends???
b) Whats the relation of global market with Indian market ??
c) Whats Global trend?
d) What all factors are pointers for a market?
e) Whats inflation rate means and whats the impact of the same on market?
f) How to predict for the market??

Well so many terms terms are there..will try to give the answer for all above later..
3- Let me give some easy sites from which even if you don't know anything atleast you can read about the market.

This will give you all update news regarding market depends upon all the emotions of the news.As 60% of market fluctuation depends upon the emotions of the traders and 40 % of market drive depends on the investors. So its important to know the market news according to which traders do fluctuate the market.

4- If you are beginner and can not predict from the news ,then cool go though the below link and get the tips from very successful business analysts.
Here you can go through the tips given by business analysts ..

5- Even then dont think you will be one sucessful invester .so i would like to say from all these try to analyse market and go ahead for the investments.

Soon i will come back with all the above question answers and will try to give minimum idea of profit so that further you can go through with interest.

Well if some things you wanna know more ,you are always welcome to ask me..go ahead and ask me here...........



  1. According to me, though one listens to others, one should take his own decisions. We all know that experience is the best teacher. So initially one can try virtual trading through various free websites and when he/she is sure about the performance then can enter into actual trading.

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