Monday, June 8, 2009

(Initial step )Market Analysis????????????????????

To start with market analysis ,let me first tell you why do we need to analyse market ?
If so many people are giving the analysis ,then whats the need of the analysis further?
Yes its needed as before entering the market some points need to be focused:
These are as follows
1- Whats the basic need of your invest ment?
2- Whats the return you want?
3 - Do you want more growth with risk factor associated(high return high risk)?
4- Do you want more sure guarrented growth with less risk factor associated(low return low risk risk)?
According to your need do analysis of market and invest .
Before that let me ask you if the insurance sectors and mutuak fund grows our money then what the need for us to analyse the same ??????
Good point check in the next answer ....
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