Saturday, June 27, 2009

Reason for Lay offs even market is growing in fastest speed.....

To tell frankly ,even if these days market is growing in a fastest speed ,,,but the same is not reciprocal in job sector in India. Reason behind the same is
1- Almost the employees are belonging to IT sector ,which supply job more compared to other sector.
2- The IT sector in India basically gets huge money from outsourced project which comes from foreign countries like US and UK.
3- Seeing the current scenario of the job less ,foreign countries are outsourcing Lesser projects to save their own job. And due to the restrictions made by Obama.
4- So even though market started growing IT market in India is not that fast speed. By which their projection for revenue is going less .For the same reason they are doing the cost cutting by laying off employees.
So by knowing all these facts employees should not worry. As its simple business.So why not plan yourself for alternate earning of money????????
Cool right .....then follow my next blog and learn how to earn money inspite worrying for the jon loss...

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